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At Red Baron Carpet, we identify with the fact that your floors must sustain a lot. Every day they're trounced on, scratched by dragging furniture around, marked, inundated in dropped drinks, and occasionally even banged with upended objects. For a floor that can weather each one of those detriments and more, opt for stable vinyl flooring by Red Baron Carpet in Newtown.

Protected against spills, scuffing, cracking, scraping and more, vinyl flooring cannot expand when dampened like wood and laminates or stain when soiled in the same manner that carpet will. The tough nature of the material means that it gives, so delicate items are unlikely to shatter when falling onto it, and toes are not expected to be unpleasantly stubbed on it.

Less hard than tile and simpler to cleanse than carpet, vinyl can be attributed to a myriad of perks. The exciting news is that they will not require to be shampooed, renovated or buffed like carpet, hardwood or linoleum. To care for these fortuitous floors, the only things you have to do is sweep away dust and dirt occasionally, and mop up the occasional spill.

Many options to choose from

Aside from being one of the most tough-as-nails flooring options, vinyl is also the most diverse. The rotogravure process used to create the sheets or tiles allows for an infinite plethora of choices. From patterns and textures made to contend with the sumptuous appearance of stone tile or the cultured majesty of hardwood at a more affordable price, to shades and choices that can compliment any feeling, the creative liberties are practically vast. Strong vinyl flooring is well-suited for powder rooms and kitchens where messes may be a regular occurrence, corridors, and foyers where foot traffic is frequent, and children's rooms where all manner of inane chaos can happen. Tough, ornamented, basic and budget-friendly, vinyl flooring can make an ideal addition to all varieties of space in your household.

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