Custom area rugs


Custom area rugs for Newtown area homes

They’re small, but you can do much with area rugs; they pull a space together and add the finishing touch to your room’s interior design. With a scatter rug, you can create something unique while eliminating noise and providing warmth and comfort. There’s even a grounding aspect because they anchor the furniture rather than "float" in the room.

Why custom?

These rugs will always fit your area. Rooms aren’t perfect squares; they're often oddly shaped and have door sills, baseboards, and moldings with which to contend. Stock ones are only available in standard sizes and shapes, but if you fall in love with something standard, buy it anyway. Then, please bring it to our rug binding department to have it cut and fit to accommodate your space. You also get the exact color and fiber you want, which means you’ll get what you want for the room. In other words, you can quickly turn your vision into reality. You won’t have to run from store to store searching for your ideal rug.



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Benefits of area rugs

1. They separate and define. With today’s modern open layouts, it’s not unusual to find one big room that houses both the living and dining areas. Use coordinating but separate area rugs in each space. It’s also common to section off a corner of a room for reading, paying bills, or whatever you want. 2. They accent and highlight. Layer the rugs over an existing surface to add texture and color (or quiet the color and pattern down). You’re not covering up a beautiful floor. If anything, you’re bringing attention to it by showcasing it further by bringing out gorgeous hardwood undertones or some hue in a multi-colored carpet. 3. Finally, you might want to create an area rug to save money or preserve sentiment. A new carpet installation often has a lot of leftovers from the roll. Sometimes rugs are worn but are also family heirlooms that you can’t bear to part with, or they are just too expensive to replace, such as an Oriental or Persian. Our mantra is "where quality comes first," so you can be sure that when you hire us for anything, whether a flooring installation or the creation of custom area rugs to rug binding, carpet, and flood restoration, you'll get craftsman-like, professional quality. The Red Baron Carpet showroom is in Newtown, CT, and we service areas in and around Newtown, Monroe, Fairfield, Trumbull, and Salisbury. You'll be glad you came in because you'll walk out with inspiration, information, and a free custom area rug quote.