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Area rug cleaning in Newtown

Among the more mortifying experiences that life can offer is the ordeal of having guests to visit your home, only to have them notice a displeasing odor hanging in the air. Worse is rushing to cover that unsightly grape juice stain in your rug with the big chair by rearranging all of your living room furniture. With the help of Red Baron Carpet of Newtown, Connecticut's area rug cleaning services, you never have to worry about situations like that again. Accidents happen, pets get anxious, spilling food leaves residue and odors, and other things can create unpleasant smells, which can become difficult to remove after being absorbed by carpet fibers. Stains can make the cleaning process even more difficult by being a huge hassle to scrub out, and if left too long they can become ground in. Wool or synthetic Red Baron handles them all! We start with a heavy-duty dusting using The Rug Badger (Bug, Allergen, Dirt & Grit Extractor for Rug renovating) knocking out dust, dander, and allergens from your rug then a deep double-sided vacuuming pulling up anything stuck in between those rug fibers. The rug is then rinsed thoroughly, scrubbed clean, and spun & rinsed again in a state-of-the-art rug cleaning centrifuge. The rugs are then hung on our advanced rug drying rack system and dried using air movers and dehumidifiers, leaving your rugs looking and smelling good as new!

Cleaner air, cleaner home

Even regular foot traffic can make your once luxurious rugs look dingy and worn down due to damage over time. Red Baron Carpet's area rug cleaning process removes everything from spots, dust, dirt, pollen and pet dander in your area rug fibers can pose a health hazard to anyone suffering from indoor or seasonal allergies or chronic respiratory problems, and we rid your area rug of them. We make the incredibly important task of improving the air quality in your home simple and easy. Our cleaning crew will leave your area rugs looking and smelling as clean and fresh as the day that they were installed, and are fast, friendly and professional. We use a quick-drying solution that's safe to use around pets and children to afford you with as much convenience as possible.



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