What’s the best way to protect your carpet flooring?

What’s the best way to protect your carpet flooring?

When you choose the perfect carpet floor covering, it’s natural to want to protect it. It starts at the shopping stage when you select materials that cater to your lifestyle.

But it goes on through installation and beyond, and we can help steer you in the right direction. So here are some facts you will need if you want the longest-lasting carpet.

Choose durable materials

Nylon has always offered excellent protection against wear and damage, so it’s a great choice for low to medium traffic levels. But if you have pets, children, or lots of foot traffic in your home, you’ll want more durable carpeting.

Built-in stain and odor protection is an excellent consideration for floors that can stand against anything. These are perfect for pet owners because many brands offer pet-specific warranties, but they work as well for parents.

Adding protection after installation

Once your floors are installed, you can do a few things to ensure their protection. If you skipped the built-in stain resistance, you could always add it afterward. The installation will take longer, but in a busy household, it's worth it.

Adding a few well-placed area rugs or runners is another way to protect your floor covering. The rugs help catch and trap debris, dirt, and dander, for better floors all around

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