Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Is carpet a pet-friendly choice?

Carpeting is terrific for various reasons, but many homeowners think it is not the best option for those who have pets. However, the truth is that these floors can be an excellent choice for creating a pet-friendly environment, and we would like to tell you more about that today.

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Having a pet-friendly home can mean many things, but today, we focus on a pet-friendly floor covering. Of course, hard surface flooring has been the go-to pet flooring for many years, but carpet is now a contender in this particular area.

If you are looking for a material to keep stains and odors at bay, be sure to ask your flooring associate about materials with built-in stain and odor protection. Many manufacturers are adding this at the point of production, bringing you the protection that will last the carpet's life.

Created to keep stains and liquids from penetrating the carpet's fiber, you will notice that messes clean right up, with few problems. Since nothing can soak in, both stains and odors are less likely to remain, leaving you with a better-looking, fresher smelling, and pet-friendly home.

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