Durability and carpet flooring

Durability and carpet flooring

Carpeting is always a good choice for a home. Still, durability may vary depending on where it's installed, the amount of activity, and who is occupying the space.

The most formidable brands will serve you well if you're a pet owner or part of an active household. Red Baron Carpet in Newtown, CT, offers a variety of carpet flooring to satisfy your needs.


You want to ensure that the fiber you choose is appropriate for the space. For example, nylon and triexta are durable fibers that work well in busy areas of the home.

Polyester carpeting is excellent for bedrooms, especially since the fiber is soft and colors tend to be vibrant. In addition, olefin is a moisture- and mold-resistant floor covering that can warm the basement floor without sustaining damage.

Nylon and triexta

Nylon is treated for stain resistance in the factory, while triexta is naturally stain resistant. As a result, Triexta is most valued for its superior stain resistance.

At the same time, nylon is known for its resilience, or ability to bounce back after being compressed by footsteps, electronics, or furniture. In addition, Triexta, which first entered the marketplace in 2009, contains renewable corn glucose.

Pet-friendly brands

Red Baron Carpet carries carpeting brands that are backed by a pet-friendly warranty. In addition, carpeting designed for pet owners is highly stain-resistant and easy to clean when mishaps occur.

This type of floor covering is often made of triexta or nylon, and it often features an innovative stain protection system that is not found in standard carpeting brands.

Your carpet headquarters

Red Baron Carpet installs carpeting in homes and businesses, and we offer other services like free in-home measurement and area rug binding.

Our carpet store serves Connecticut's Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield counties, including Monroe, Fairfield, Trumbull, and Salisbury. Please stop by our showroom in Newtown today to find the best carpet for your flooring upgrade.