Carpet textures: plus, Saxony, and cut-pile

Carpeting textures can make a difference in the look and feel of any room where the product is installed, making it a big deal. We will consider three specific texture options today as we look at the plush, Saxony, and cut-pile carpet, so read along with us now in today's post.

Your carpeting matches your need

Each carpet texture has outstanding characteristics that are relevant to specific homeowner needs. Here are some facts about these three to give you an idea of what you can expect.

1. Plush – Plush carpet is just what it sounds like, offering one of the softest underfoot experiences in flooring. It’s a perfect addition for bedrooms but beware of its easy crushing. These are the floor coverings you’ll want to walk barefoot on, thanks to the elegant touch it offers.
2. Saxony – Offering one of the most extended lifespans in carpet, these products offer a durable surface, exceptionally if appropriately maintained. You’ll get better durability from a twisted pile product, which doesn’t show crushing as easily.
3. Cut-pile – Cut-pile carpet is more a style than a texture because it describes any carpet that shears and exposes the ends of the fibers. They are trendy and offer more softness than a loop-pile choice.

Finding your best flooring covering is easy

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