Best carpet for high traffic areas

Best carpet for high traffic areas

A carpet that resists stains and abrasion is a must in well-used spaces in your home. You have a choice between loop or cut pile styles made of nylon, triexta, olefin, polyester, or acrylic fibers.

If you live in the Newtown, Connecticut, area, you can find carpeting in the latest styles at Red Baron Carpet. Our carpet store has been serving the region for over 30 years.

Most popular fiber

A high-quality carpet made of rugged fiber will serve you well. If you prefer a tried-and-true durable fiber, opt for a nylon carpet. This floor covering resists matting and crushing. Instead of remaining flat, fibers return to their original form after being compressed. Thus, the carpet has retained its 'brand-new' look for years, even in heavy foot traffic. A short loop pile style is most durable since dirt stays close to the surface instead of embedded in the fibers.

Newest durable fiber

Triexta is a tough fiber that became available to homeowners in 2009. While nylon is treated for stain resistance, triexta resists stains naturally. Even softer cut pile styles are easy to clean. These styles are created by cutting the loops of fibers sewn onto the backing. Spills and pet accidents won't stain triexta carpet flooring, which is one of the reasons Mohawk uses triexta for its pet-friendly SmartStrand carpet collection. Environmentally-friendly triexta is made, in part, with renewable corn glucose.

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