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Luxury Vinyl Flooring at Red Baron

Discover the Best in Luxury Vinyl Tile at Red Baron Carpet
If you are considering a new flooring system for your home, consider Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). This is the new, modern vinyl flooring that is taking the world by storm, and for good reasons. If you are not familiar with LVT, you are not alone. While most people know about vinyl sheet goods, they may not have heard much about Luxury Vinyl Tile. Let's see why this new line of flooring has become so popular.

LVT is NOT vinyl sheet goods

Because this new type of flooring has the word “vinyl” in it, many people think it nothing more than a more expensive version of vinyl sheet goods. This is not true. Luxury Vinyl Tile is a different manufacturing process and the product it produces is nothing like traditional sheet goods.

Luxury vinyl tile offers incredible design options

LVT uses a special imaging process that allows manufacturers to mimic a huge array of materials accurately. For instance, you can find luxury vinyl tile that looks just like natural stone (marble, travertine, slate, etc.), or you can find LVT that looks like natural wood species with no two tiles being the same. It is simply remarkable the number of design options that this new flooring systems opens up for homeowners.

Luxury vinyl tile is tough!

One of the main benefits to owning a new luxury vinyl tile floor is that it will last for years and years. The materials that make up these tiles is soft underfoot, much warmer to the touch than cold stone, and it resists cracking and chipping. As a flooring system for anyone with a busy family, it is a worthy consideration.

LVT is less expensive than natural materials

Another benefit to luxury vinyl tile floors is that they are less expensive than floors of the same material. By that we mean that a real, solid hardwood floor would cost more than a luxury vinyl tile floor that looks just like the real thing. In some case, such as those wishing modern brushed metal LVT, the cost difference can be dramatic.

If you live in Newton, CT, or in Monroe, Fairfield, or Trumbull areas, come by Red Baron Carpet and let us show you some samples of luxury vinyl tile.

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