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Carpet Cleaning in Newtown

Carpet flooring is a wonderful investment to any home, and to extend the life of that that investment, having regularly scheduled carpet cleanings is key. In Newtown, Connecticut, no one is more committed to the health and beauty of your home's floors than Red Baron Carpet, the leading experts in carpet cleaning.

With an experienced team of carpet cleaning technicians and a standard for excellence, our advanced cleaning techniques and treatments will make your carpet floors look like new again. We guarantee that once you see the quality of our work, you'll never go back to do-it-yourself washing or less effective, supposed 'value' cleaning solutions offered by less qualified companies.
Carpet Cleaning near Trumbull, CT
Carpet Cleaning near Newtown, CT

We'll move your heavy furniture and pretreat stains

Beginning with an in-home assessment of the needs of your individual carpet flooring, our technicians will examine your carpet for heavily soiled areas and frequent foot traffic patterns in the floors first, taking the time to answer any questions you have prior to the cleaning process. We will take the time to move any heavy furniture items or fixtures in the room; you are only responsible for moving valuables and fragile items.

After any necessary pretreatment for stains or neutralization of deep set odors, our cleaners will use the appropriate method to begin cleaning your carpet floors. Any pet contamination, smoke odors, food and drink stains, dirt and allergens will be removed during this process, and deodorizers and resistant coatings can be applied to your floors if you choose.

Using a powerful vacuum, we finish your floor cleaning by removing the excess moisture from the carpet fibers and replacing any items that were moved; you can begin enjoying your clean floors right away. Your satisfaction is our greatest concern, and we are committed to ensuring that you are happy with our cleaning services. For the best work, rates, and customer service in Newtown, Connecticut, Red Baron Carpet is here for you and your home.

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